Wedding 101

Wedding 101: Wedding Fashion We Loved in 2022

One of my favorite parts about being in the wedding industry is getting to witness firsthand all of the wedding trends each year, especially when it comes to the dresses. For this week’s blog, I thought it would be fun to feature some of my 2022 brides & share about some of the fashion trends […]

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What to Expect as a HBP Wedding Couple

If you’re reading this you might be a current HBP wedding couple, or hoping to be one in the future – and if so, YAY I’m so glad you’re here! For most of you it’s the first time you’ve booked a wedding photographer, and there may be questions in your mind as to how it […]


Photography Education

10 Tips to be the Best Second Shooter 

1. Be prepared and show up early Communication is key when second shooting! Talk to the lead and get the photo timeline for the day and clarify what your responsibilities will be for the day and what they will be looking for. It’s always great if you show up about 15 minutes early before start […]


Wedding 101

Wedding 101: 5 Essential Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Having photographed 100+ wedding ceremonies, here are 5 essential things to remember when planning your wedding ceremony for the best photos AND experience for you and your partner: 1. Location  If you’re dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, pick a spot where you are in love the view! After all, that will be the main background […]

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Wedding 101

When Should You Schedule Your Engagement Session?

One of the most asked questions I get as a wedding photographer: When should we schedule our engagement session? With engagements being longer than ever these days, the options can feel endless and my couples are always asking when is the best time. Let’s talk about it! One of the biggest factors to consider is […]


Wedding 101

Should I Invest in a Wedding Album?

Let’s get real: Your wedding day will go by like a blur. All the months of planning, the perfectly curated guest list, the florals, food, and beautiful table scape, the vendors you’ve so thoughtfully selected to make this dream a reality – they all come and go within one day. And it’s not the first […]


Wedding 101

Wedding 101: Know Your Wedding Style

With so many beautiful and different styles of weddings showcased online these days, it can be tricky to know your wedding style. Before I was immersed in the wedding industry, I too felt overwhelmed by all the different words and vibes, not knowing what exactly it was that I wanted – so if you’re in […]

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Wedding 101

Wedding 101: Unique Wedding Exits

Sparkler exits have become really popular for weddings in the past few years (for good reason, they are so fun!). But maybe your venue doesn’t allow sparklers, or maybe you just want to do something different and unique! Here are some other fun and unique wedding exits ideas to consider: LED Balloons Ribbons or Streamers […]

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Wedding 101

Wedding 101: Wedding Details to Gather for Your Photographer

Let’s talk about wedding details. One of the biggest tips I can give my couples when it comes to their wedding details is this: have your wedding details gathered for your photographer before they arrive. It might seem like a trivial detail, but it truly makes all the difference for your wedding photographer and saves […]




Ever-focused on light and the thrilling art of creation; found in the perfectly, imperfect moments of real life.

My goal every time I pick up my camera is to create an atmosphere that invites my subjects to show up as their honest and truest selves allowing me to capture the feeling of this irreplaceable moment in time. Storytelling is at the heart of it all, and being entrusted to capture that for my couples will forever be one of the greatest honors.


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Have your engagement session coming up and not sure how to prepare? Download my free engagement session checklist! 


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What to expect as a HBP couple

Should I invest in a wedding album?



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