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Mother’s Day: 5 Ways to Honor Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

May 9, 2023

In honor of Mother’s Day (and my first one as a mom-to-be!), I wanted to share 5 ways to honor your mom on your wedding day that I have seen and loved over the years photographing countless weddings.

  • Gift Her a Special Item: To show your appreciation, consider giving your mom a special gift on your wedding day. It could be a piece of jewelry, perfume, a framed photo of the two of you, or a sentimental item that holds meaning to your relationship. It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate, but a gift from the heart goes a long way.

  • Write Her a Heartfelt Letter: Take the time to write a heartfelt letter to your mom expressing your gratitude and love. Give it to her privately before the ceremony or during a special moment throughout the day when you can both take in the day together.

  • Include Her in the Ceremony: Find ways to incorporate your mom into the wedding ceremony, such as walking you down the aisle or giving a special reading during the ceremony. If your mom is no longer with us, you could light a candle, reserve a seat for her in the front row in her honor, or have a special moment of remembrance during the ceremony.

  • Dance with Her: During the reception, share a special dance with your mom! If you are a bride, there is no reason why you have to do a traditional father-daughter dance only. Choose a song that has meaning to the two of you, and enjoy the moment that only happens once!

  • Carve Out Time for a Special Moment: Consider having a private moment with your mom during the wedding day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If you are a bride, consider having your mom zip up your dress and help you with final details, as you take a quiet few moments together to soak it all in.

Here are just a few recent mother daughter moments that I was honored to witness and photograph (Cue the tears!)

Do you have any ideas of ways to honor your mom on your wedding day? I would love to hear! Comment below or head over to my Instagram and send me a DM! If you loved this blog, check out my Wedding 101 series for planning tips and follow me on Pinterest for more wedding inspiration!

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