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Father’s Day: 5 Ways to Honor Your Dad on Your Wedding Day

June 14, 2023

honor dad wedding day

Since people loved the mother’s day version of this blog so much, in honor of Father’s Day I wanted to share a handful of fun and creative ways to honor your dad, step-dad, or father figure on your wedding day. Often it is an emotional and special day for them as well, and these special touches can mean all the world to them as a “thank you” for playing a role in who you are today.

A Special Dance

honor dad wedding day black and white father daughter dance dad smiling

An easy way to incorporate a special moment for your father into the day, is doing a father-daughter dance! While they are common these days, consider surprising him with a sentimental song to the two of you, planning a fun surprise together, or going to dance lessons together to make it a truly special and memorable experience.

Give him a Special Gift or Note

wedding day daughter giving dad gift father daughter hugging and smiling

Giving him a special gift or a handwritten letter on the day of is another way to communicate how special he is to you and thank him for whatever role he has played in your life. Consider a personalized tie with a photo of you two from childhood, a custom handkerchief with a special sentiment on it, or custom cufflinks.

First Look Moment

This has become a popular trend in the past years and I couldn’t love it more! Consider carving out time to give your father a private “first look” before the craziness of the day begins, and take a few minutes together. It is such a special and emotional moment to honor your dad on your wedding day, and one I love to capture!

Ask him to Play a Special Role

father escorting bride down the aisle black and white bride smiling with bridal veil

If you don’t already have someone in mind, consider asking him to officiate the ceremony if you want to give him an extra special honorary role on the day of! If that’s not in his wheelhouse, consider asking him to do you the honor of walking you down the aisle.

A Special Shout Out

honor dad wedding day bride and groom giving toast at wedding bride wearing cocktail dress and groom wearing all black suit

We love when our couples take the mic for a second at their reception and take a moment to thank their guests and set the tone for the party. This is also a perfect time if you want to give a surprise special thank you message to your parents for all that they’ve done as part of the day and your life!

I hope you enjoyed these and they helped spark ideas for your own wedding! From HBP to you, wishing all fathers and father-figures a Happy Fathers Day!

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