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Choosing a Wedding Bouquet that Shines in Photographs

July 13, 2023

I have had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful wedding days, but one of my favorite parts has always been (and I think will always be) seeing the wedding bouquet come together on the big day! There’s something so magical about a stunning wedding bouquet and how it compliments the photos. It’s not just a mere accessory; it holds the power to elevate the entire aesthetic of your wedding day. Today, I want to share with you a roundup of some truly beautiful wedding bouquets, with a variety of different styles and offer some valuable tips on how to select the perfect bouquet that will not only complement your style but also photograph beautifully!

Embrace the Season

fall inspired wedding bouquet pink and cream roses red blooms berry accents against white of brides dress

Florals by Sweetroot Village

When selecting your wedding bouquet, consider the season you’re getting married in! Opting for flowers that are in season not only ensures their freshness and availability, but also enhances the overall harmony of your wedding theme. By embracing the season, your bouquet will naturally harmonize with the surrounding landscape, resulting in breathtaking and cohesive photographs.

Complement Your Color Palette

bride holding bridal bouquet pops of color pink and lilac

Florals by Mother of Wild NC

Your wedding bouquet should complement your chosen color palette and bring out the best in your wedding theme. You don’t necessarily need to perfectly color match everything (unless that’s what you’re going for). Consider the shades that dominate your décor and attire and select flowers that play off of and harmonize with those tones. The right color combination will go a long way in making your bouquet pop in photographs!

Pay Attention to Size and Shape

bride wedding bouquet white and cream color palette featuring orchids baby breath and orchids

Florals by Designs by Oochay

The size and shape of your bouquet also play a big role in how it appears in photographs. Consider the proportions you desire and how that might look with your wedding attire, as well as the shape! Round, tight bouquets offer a more classic and symmetrical look, while loose and organic shapes can add a touch of natural elegance.

Seek Professional Advice

bride and groom kissing featuring florals bridal bouquet white peonies orchids hydrangeas

Florals by Colonial Florist

The final and most important tip! Floral designers are artists in their own right, and their expertise is essential in helping guide you towards the perfect wedding bouquet. Share your vision, style preferences, and wedding details with them, and let them create a bouquet that complements your aesthetic and will photograph beautifully all day.

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