Shenandoah Adventure Session | Emma & David

June 25, 2022

This Shenandoah adventure session gave me everything I needed to create the perfect experience: Two of the most genuine and in love people I’ve ever met, endless laughter, jokes and the best time, and the most beautiful sunset I’ve witnessed in the national park. l’ll never forget this session! Emma & David are soulmates if I’ve ever met ’em and I could EASILY photograph them forever (and like them forever over on my Instagram!).

Something that I love about SNP is how vast the views are and how many different little spots you can find that create unique photos within 1 location. It is truly one of my favorite spots to shoot because no matter how many times I go, each session is it’s own unique experience.

Words from Emma herself after seeing their Shenandoah adventure session sneak peeks that left me in a puddle: “Hannah – you have an incredible gift. Your gentle nature quickly eased our nerves and turned a photo session into a carefree adventure. You captured our story – one we’ve always felt but never have been able to see for ourselves until now. This experience will forever be a treasured memory.”

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