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Practical Wedding Day Tip for Photographers 📸

May 15, 2023

Photographers- I’ve got a wedding day tip for you! On a wedding day, do you ever find yourself fumbling around in your bag looking for the paper timeline or tapping around your phone to double check the timing of something? Me too. Or at least I used to!

This little wedding day tip helps keep me on track and on schedule while I am shooting. I’ve been doing this for years and it allows me to easily and quickly reference all photo related timeline items.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1:

I take the timeline from the planner and condense it into a note on my phone with all the timeline items related to the day and the photos needed. Making sure to eliminate the notes that apply only to the rentals, catering and set up, allows me to just clearly and quickly reference the things I need to stay on top of how much time I have. In this note on my phone, I also include the family formal list, must get shots, and other important details to remember.

Step 2:

The morning of the wedding, I screenshot the top of the note with the photo timeline and make it my phone background. This is a game changer. If someone asks me a timeline question and I need to double check, I can quickly reference the timeline. Here’s an example of what my phone might look like:

wedding day tip timeline wallpaper photographer education

Step 3:

I enter the same photo timeline into my Reminders App on my phone with the corresponding time stamps. My Apple watch (doesn’t have to be a fancy new one! I think mine is series 2 from many years ago) gives me a little vibration when each set of photos or timeline event is supposed to be taking place so I can always mentally know where we are in the day.

This is one of my favorite wedding day tips because it keeps me on track and knowing if we’re ahead of schedule or maybe a bit behind and need to make up time. Best of all? Because it’s just a small buzz on my wrist, I never have to put down my camera or stop shooting to check!

wedding day tip reminder timeline photographer hack

If you try this wedding day tip at your next wedding, make sure to come over to my Instagram and let me know if it helped you! If you’d like to hear more photography wedding tips, check out more educational blogs written just for you!

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