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Wedding Photographer’s Amazon Favorites

July 12, 2022

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As a wedding photographer, there are so many things that I use everyday other than my camera & lenses that you wouldn’t expect or even think of! Amazon is often my go-to for wedding photography supplies since I am notorious for forgetting to order something until the last minute, and I can count on their short delivery window.

Here are some of my Amazon Wedding favorites I use regularly! 

Clear Umbrella

I think every wedding photographer should carry at least one of these in the trunk of their car for emergencies! The clear umbrella keeps the light looking beautiful while keeping my clients protected from the rain. I have a handful I leave in my car so if it starts to downpour on a wedding day or during a session out of the blue, we have options.

Acrylic Blocks 

These little blocks I use while styling my wedding flat lays to give the invitation suite some depth and more visual interest! They are so easy to bring along and (cheap!) but make the world of a difference. I also love the variety of sizes that allows me to utilize them no matter what size of stationery the couple uses.

Ring Boxes

I like to buy ring boxes here to bring to my wedding days for my flat lays in case my couple don’t have one already!

Gold Detail Tray

This gold tray is the cutest addition to my details kit.

Studio Backdrop Stand

This studio set up is great if you want an affordable option to do portraits, self-portraits, or brand photos in your home. If I was offering studio sessions, I’d invest in something more heavy duty, but this has worked wonders for the occasional casual use. Here’s the backdrop I use most often: White Paper Backdrop


These pretty ribbons are perfect size and length for styling. I, personally, love the packs that give me a variety of different colors and tones. These go with any wedding style or color palette!


I have an older version, but this is my all time favorite clip on speaker to bring with me to sessions to play fun music. It’s small enough to bring with me, waterproof, and LOUD. I love that I can also clip it onto to my pants or camera harness and keep the vibes flowing wherever I am, even if I am not carrying my bag on my shoulder.

DSLR Phone Mount

This mount pops on the top of my camera and allows me to easily record behind the scenes footage during my sessions and weddings for Instagram and social media!

Mailer Boxes for Client Gifts

These are some of my favorite boxes for sending my clients gifts!


One of my favorite wedding skirts to keep me cool on wedding days! You can get a variety of different colors for the different seasons too.

SD Cards

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know how often we have to buy SD cards and how many we need! These are the ones I buy and serve me well!

SD Card organizer 

I do not clear my SD cards until I deliver the wedding or session, so I use this plastic organizer with dividers to keep my cards organized in the meantime.

MagMod Flash Diffuser

This flash diffuser is my absolute favorite!


These are my favorite external hard drives for backing up my photos and keeping them safe! You can purchase them in a variety of sizes, but my favorite size is the 2TB.

Waterproof Hard Drive Case

With so many important memories on my hard drives, I am extra careful about protecting them when I travel so I keep them in a waterproof and shockproof case just in for an added layer of safety.

Portable Door Lock

As a women traveling alone to weddings all over, this portable door lock gives me the peace of mind I need. It fits in any door and locks from the inside, so even if someone has a master key they won’t be able to get in.

Sauce Holder

Might be controversial, BUT for real, this is a necessity for me! Haha! With so much traveling for weddings and sessions, I am constantly on the go and there is no time to stop and eat meals. Enter the Sauce Moto- This sauce holder clips on your air vent and holds your sauce so you can safely dip and drive! Best invention.

That’s it for my Amazon Wedding round up for now! I hope this was helpful and fun. The best part is Prime Day is July 12th and 13th, so run to get those orders and save some money! Comment below if you’d like links to any other finds that may not have made the cut this time or if you have your own Amazon Wedding favorites, and stay tuned!

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