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Wedding 101: Wedding Details to Gather for Your Photographer

April 18, 2022

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Let’s talk about wedding details. One of the biggest tips I can give my couples when it comes to their wedding details is this: have your wedding details gathered for your photographer before they arrive. It might seem like a trivial detail, but it truly makes all the difference for your wedding photographer and saves so much time so that you can get the most out of their getting ready photo coverage. So what should you have gathered? 

Here’s a list of common wedding details people include!

Full Invitation Suite (& any wax seals or stamps you chose special to accompany it) 




Wedding Bands

Engagement Ring



Hair Accessories 

Other Wedding Stationery 

Any Other Sentimental Details you’d like to include!

Bonus: Many florists will include a few extra cuttings of your wedding flowers for your detail shots! Ask them if they would be willing to provide a few of the extra stems and have those with your wedding details for your photographer to play with! 

Many photographers (like me!) bring along a handful of styling details like ribbon, ring boxes, jewelry dishes and various linens. But if you’d like custom ones that perfectly fit the aesthetic of your details or have your names and wedding date on them, feel free to include those as well! 

You can gather all of these details in a bag or place them in one corner of the room, so when your photographer arrives, he or she can just jump right into it without having to trace everything down. I promise your photographer will LOVE you and it will make that portion of the day so much smoother and take up way less time. 

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