Wedding 101

Wedding 101: Unique Wedding Exits

May 16, 2022

unique wedding exits led balloons

Sparkler exits have become really popular for weddings in the past few years (for good reason, they are so fun!). But maybe your venue doesn’t allow sparklers, or maybe you just want to do something different and unique! Here are some other fun and unique wedding exits ideas to consider:

LED Balloons

unique wedding exit led balloons

Ribbons or Streamers

bride and groom unique wedding exit ribbons and streamers

Artificial Snow

bride and groom unique wedding exit artificial snow

Biodegradable Confetti

unique wedding exit biodegradable confetti

Glow Sticks

bride and groom wedding exit glow sticks

Dried Wildflowers or Lavender

couple wedding exit dried flowers

When it comes to unique wedding exits, I always encourage my couples to not rush it. Make sure to take in the last few moments being surrounded and celebrated by all your closest people! But most importantly, have fun with it! Dance, be yourselves, cheer, share a kiss, express your excitement however you want – it makes for the most adorable photos to wrap up the night!

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