A Shenandoah Adventure

January 16, 2020

This one is close to my heart for many reasons, but mostly because it’s my big brother! Growing up he was my best friend and partner in crime, and getting to photograph him and his fiancé was such a special privilege. I love how photography allows me to play a small role in such special moments for my friends and family and loved ones.

We adventured around in my favorite place (aka Shenandoah National Park), tried out some different locations I had been dying to shoot at, and created memories and images that feel true to them and their love. Every time I look at these pictures I smile because I see them, their personalities, their quirks, and how in love they are. I couldn’t be more happy for these too or more excited to stand next to them on their big day! (as a bridesmaid this time, not a photographer eeek)

Brides, when looking for the photographer you choose to capture your special day and engagement, pick someone who wants to capture you and your love in a true and authentic way. Someone who won’t mold you into something you’re not for the sake of a photo. Because it’s about more than just “instagram-worthy” photos, it’s about photos that take you back to a moment, photos that feel right, that feel like “you”.

  1. John Stroud says:

    Incredible work, Hannah! Congratulations. The site looks beautiful!

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