August Amazon Round Up

August 31, 2022

august amazon products

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, you know my husband and I just bought a house this year, which means even more Amazon orders than usual (and if you’re picky like me, lots of returns as well). But I am so happy with some of the things I scored this August from Amazon and wanted to share my favorites!

  1. These Wall Sconces are perfect for our formal living room. I wanted something modern with the perfect shade of brushed brass/gold that would frame the art we have on the wall. They can be hardwired, or used with my next amazon find as an affordable battery operated option.

  1. Rechargeable LED Light Bulbs are an amazing hack I found for non-wired sconces that work better than puck lights! Charge these bulbs up on any lamp and then you can screw them into your non-wired sconces and switch them on and off with a remote.

  1. This Leopard Skirt has been a new August favorite for my weddings. It’s stretchy and breathable, but because of the satin look it feels a bit more elevated than my other skirts. Bonus: it also pairs perfectly with all the black tops, bodysuits, and blouses I already have for weddings!

  1. Officially in love with this Air Fryer. Not sure how we ever used to get by without one. I use it every day now! The clean white aesthetic is just an added bonus in my book.

  1. Non-Tarnish Gold Huggies I live in my earrings and never take them out to shower or swim, and these right here are the real deal!

  1. Since I have double piercings, I paired these with the huggies above and the combo of those and these Non-Tarnish Gold Pearl Drop Earrings is so adorable and chic. Can’t get over the quality either!

  1. A Gratitude Journal is something I have been incorporating into this month, and I love how this one is organized and the neutral aesthetic.

  1. I think I ordered and returned 4 rugs before I finally found one that worked for our formal sitting area, and this Loloi II Layla in Olive/Charcoal is perfect! It’s low pile and easy to clean dog hair off of (essential), but still comfy underfoot and gives off a cozy vibe.

  1. Maybe I am late to the party, but Folex is magical for getting stains out of everything! Now that we have a house I keep each floor stocked with one.

  1. These Glass Ice Coffee Cups come with lids and glass straws and are PERFECT for my iced oat milk lattes. I love them so much, James and I comment, almost daily, about how great of a purchase they were.

That’s it for August & Amazon! Let me know if you enjoyed this and would be interested in seeing next month’s favorites! Head over to my Instagram to see how I am using these items at my house!

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