Mountain Adventure Engagement Session

August 29, 2019

mahdia + haroon

This session was a miracle.

There was nothing but sun in the forecast, but as soon as we entered the park and began the drive to our spot, we were faced with super strong winds, thunder, lightening, and rain. As everyone on the parkway is driving the opposite way and leaving the park, we pushed on through in hopes that it would pass! Luckily, in about 20 minutes the rain lifted, and we decided to go for it and shoot for as long as we could while it wasn’t raining. Little did we know we were about to have the most gorgeous session with views of fog between the mountains below, and a beautiful golden hour and pink sky before sunset. Crazy how the best sessions are sometimes the ones you don’t expect.

Mahdia + Haroon are two of the sweetest and goofiest people! I absolutely LOVED our time together. We jammed to the Shrek soundtrack, scaled wet rocks, cracked jokes, they karate fought, pretended to push each other off the mountain, gave each other “bunny ears” in photos. We rolled with the punches and laughed way too hard. Their energy and love for each other was so apparent – I just knew right away they were best friends and the best fit for each other! When Mahdia brought up doing half of their session in a traditional afghan outfit, I was all about it! Getting to capture different cultures is something that always excites me and I’ll never turn down! How stunning is her outfit + accessories?! (who am I kidding, how stunning are they in general?!!?!)

Scroll down to see so many of my favorites from this dreamy session (with some funny blooper shots interspersed)!!

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