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May 22, 2019


Making Your Engagement Session Personal


Some people ask me why I include an engagement session with every wedding package – but my answer is always the same – because I LOVE them and I’m the hugest believer in them! To me, they are such a fun, unique way to express yourselves and your relationship in a way that you may not be able to on your wedding day. And my favorite types of engagement photos, are ones where the couple wants to incorporate something personal or unique to them.

One of my biggest pieces of advice to brides everywhere are to not just pick a pretty location and a pretty outfit for your engagement photos. I’m all about making your engagement session an experience in itself – like one fun date with your best friend. Here’s 3 ways that you can make your engagement photos fun, personal, and unique to YOU!

#1: Location, location, location!

Where do you and your fiancé like to go together? Maybe it’s a specific restaurant, ice cream shop, winery, hike (or maybe it’s even your home)? Where have you been together? Where did you meet or have your first date? Do you have a secret spot you stumbled upon once together? Often just thinking through these questions and jotting down your answers will help you think of a cool location that hadn’t even occurred to you! 

#2: Give me all the activities!

What do you and your fiancé like to do together? Maybe it’s visiting a local brewery, maybe it’s running or biking, maybe it’s making late night runs to Taco Bell, maybe it’s watching GOT together, or maybe it’s even just laying in bed together drinking coffee. Consider what makes you two click as a couple, and what you enjoy doing together and how you can incorporate that into your session!

#3: Bring your pets along!

If you have pets, consider bringing them along to your shoot – after all pet’s are family! I am a firm believer that if there is something that is special to you and holds a special spot in your heart, you shouldn’t leave it at home! Bring your pets along, I promise I’ll never be mad about it 😉 This goes for sentimental items as well! If you have something that means a lot to you, tell me about it! I love to brainstorm ideas on how we can incorporate an special item into your session.

christina + george

I was so thrilled I was talking to Christina and her and George wanted to specifically do something UNIQUE for their photos! Together we brainstormed fun ideas based off of what they loved to do together. We settled on kicking our session off with a Shake Shack picnic since they both are major foodies and love to treat themselves to a good burger, fry and milkshake (talk about my kind of people!!) Scroll to see all the cutest photos of these two!!


If you’re looking for a photographer that will brainstorm with ya and be down for anything to make your photos personal to you, send me an inquiry + let’s start planning the engagement session of your dreams!

– han

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