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August 3, 2019

 Let’s talk about Bridal Sessions 

What are they?

I’m finding that many Virginia brides don’t traditionally do Bridal Sessions, largely because a lot of brides don’t exactly know what they ARE, and don’t understand their benefits! Bridal Sessions started as a southern tradition, but are still very popular today! A bridal sessions where the bride gets dressed up in her wedding attire before the wedding (usually a couple months or so before the wedding day).  She is photographed in her wedding dress, and might even have her hair and makeup done by the same person she is planning on using for the day of the wedding.  The final bridal photos are kept secret until the big day and often a print of the session is later displayed at the wedding reception!

OK Han, I get it – but why would I want one?

I think that they are SO worth it for so many reasons! Here’s my top 3 reasons why all brides should consider adding a bridal session onto their wedding package!

  1. It’s a perfect “trial run” to see how your vision of your wedding day look will come together.

    One of the best parts about a bridal session is that you have the opportunity to see all of the elements you’ve spent so much time planning, pinning on Pinterest, and dreaming about – all put together. Think of it as a super fun “dress rehearsal”! For that reason, it is not only SO exciting and SO fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to tweak anything that doesn’t look the way you imagined it would look! If you schedule your hair and makeup trial run for the same day as your bridal session, you also will be able to see how your desired makeup and hair looks in photos. Maybe your eye makeup is darker or lighter than you imagined, or you realize you want your hair a bit more structured so the wind doesn’t blow it in your face. Or maybe you realize that your dress might need more tailoring. Even if nothing needs tweaking, it will take away the stress of not knowing exactly how it will all come together on the day of and you can be confident in it!

  2. Let the stress melt away

    Brides often ask – Won’t I get bridal photos on my wedding day anyways? The answer is yes! But even though you’ll still have photos taken of just you on your wedding day, but this is a chance to get extra special photos without being worried and limited within your timeline. Your wedding day is going to be beautiful and exciting, but it will fly right by. Things more often than not run behind schedule, things are rushed, and you can never predict the weather. Scheduling a bridal session devoted just to you, can allow you to get those carefree, creative portraits of you looking your absolute best in your dream wedding attire without the added pressure!

  3. Location is everything!

    On the day of your wedding, you’ll likely have a few portraits of yourself snapped in a beautiful location at your venue. But for your bridal session, the sky is the limit! We can adventure into the mountains like this session, plan them around the cherry blossoms, head to somewhere unique that just screams “YOU”. You can even have a destination bridal session! Wherever it is, I love the idea of being able to find just the right spot, not limited by one room or one wedding venue.

Ella - Bridals

This session one is one of my favorites. My dream of shooting a Reclamation dress came true this day and getting to explore Shenandoah National Park also made it everything I could have ever wanted! I got to collab with the best people to create this magic and it was so refreshing to have total and complete freedom in my creativity! Scroll to see this boho bridal session done at my favorite location – Shenandoah National Park!

The team:

Planning: Dylan Fox + Hannah Baldwin

Dress Rental: Katie at Rooted + Revived

Dress Designer: Reclamation

Florals: West Virjeni

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