Virginia wedding + elopement photographer


what I’m all about

comfort & ease

Being in front of the camera is vulnerable and feels weird sometimes and I get that. If you read through reviews found all over this website and on social media you’ll find that one of the most common things people have said is they loved how comfortable we made them feel. My goal is always to make you feel as comfortable + yourselves as possible. I want you to rest in knowing there is no need to feel like you need to be something you’re not. And as an outflow of that, be able to have photos that truly depict your unique love story and personalities!

honest & fair pricing 

I always aim to be transparent and fair in my pricing, but I am a real person - just like you! I have to pay bills, cover rent, go grocery shopping, save for retirement, buy expensive equipment, pay for insurance, software subscriptions and more, on top of paying thousands of dollars of taxes every year. I charge what I have to in order to keep this business running, and provide for my family. But with that being said, I never want to turn away a rad, madly in love couple, so I am always willing to have conversations about pricing and see if we can work to meet a price that meets both our needs!

dependability & trust

I value not just being another vendor on a list, but someone who you can actually trust! When I say I will be there for you every step of the way, I mean it. I give every client my personal phone number because I want you to be able to reach me if you ever have questions or need advice. My clients can always trust that I will be responding to their emails as soon as I can and that I am invested in them! No matter if you have booked me for the most important day of your life, or for a 1 hour couples session, you are not just another scribble on my agenda!


I strive to provide excellence in all every stage of this experience from the moment you first inquire, till the day I deliver your wedding gallery, and a friendship that lasts many years to come. My heart is always with my past, present, and future couples and I always want them to walk away knowing I gave them 110%. My aim is not and will never be to shoot as many weddings as possible to make as much money as I can! If I can’t sustain the level of excellence I want throughout the whole client experience with my number of bookings, I will always reduce it. I believe your needs, experience, and memories deserve that level of importance!


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