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couples, engagements, anniversary

Whether you’re in need of engagement photos for your “Save the Dates”, anniversary photos to add some new pictures on your wall, or a couple’s session just for fun and maybe a new Instagram profile pic, I’ve got ya covered!

I ALWAYS encourage my couples to do engagement photos because I believe in them so much. No matter if you get photos taken all the time, or if you’ve never been in front of the camera, I’m convinced everyone feels a bit nervous for photo shoots. Almost every couple I’ve ever shot has told me they don’t believe their “photogenic”, given me fair warning that they’re “awkward” or has been worried about their outfits or double chin.

Let me just tell you right now…that’s not what it’s about. It’s about hanging with the love of your life and eating tacos & margs at your favorite spot. It’s wearing your favorite old flannel and ripped jeans you’ve had since the day you met. It’s dancing around barefoot in the rain because you can. It’s laughing so hard you feel like you could pee yourself because you just get each other in a way no one else does.

All that matters is that you’re in love and you’re BFFs. I’ll handle the rest.

starting at $550

let’s get lost

mountain adventure session

Calling all my adventure loving couples - this is for you!

Now you might be thinking…what’s the difference in an couples/engagement session and an adventure session and why does it cost more?

When you book an adventure session, you’ll not only get all the perks of an engagement/couples session, but also a longer session spent adventuring out to Shenandoah National Park and exploring all the hidden gems and beautiful nature that the mountains have to offer. So much extra time, travel, scouting, and expertise goes into adventure sessions because they are a full experience in themselves! Whether you want to hike to a summit together, climb down to a waterfall, or enjoy a picnic at a mountain overlook - I’d love to dream up a windswept wilderness adventure with the two of you and capture your love story along the way.

starting at $700

the best day ever

weddings & elopements

First off, congrats on being in such an exciting stage of life! Wedding planning is legit no joke. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a 150+ guest traditional church wedding, an absolute rager of a wedding reception, or an intimate mountain elopement with 20 people - it is HARD regardless. But your photos don’t have to be part of that stress!

Once you book me, I’ve got your back 100%. I’m here for the whole ride and want to help you in any way possible! Consider me your third wheel, hype girl, and wedding advice giver all in one.

Since no wedding or elopement is the same as the next, so I believe my pricing shouldn’t be either! I tailor all packages for you after hearing about your unique needs. Shoot me a message to start the conversation! I can’t wait to talk more!

Weddings starting at $3,500 \\ Elopements starting at  $1,750

yes girl, slay

seniors, graduates & portraits

These are for all my fellow photo lovers - the girls who embrace their free-spirit and aren’t afraid to join me on an adventure, the Instagram + Pinterest obsessed. The girls who want unique and beautiful photos that speak to who they are and who they are becoming - not the typical, stiff, over-photoshopped "yearbook photos” we’ve all seen plastered on Facebook our whole lives.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I’m your girl! Come hang with me and lets plan an adventure and make all your portrait dreams come true!

starting at $600

Want detailed pricing information? Are you down and ready to book? Just want to chat and send funny memes?